Fitness Challenges Program

The JCSU HealthPlex Fitness Challenge is a physical activity driven program designed to promote exercise, strength training, and healthy lifestyle changes. All participants will be required to complete an initial assessment at the HealthPlex a week prior to the start of the challenge, followed by a mid-point check-in, and a final check-in during the week after the challenge is complete. Healthy seminars about weight management and nutrition, along with exercise programming will be offered to assist you during the competition.

Workout of the Week (W.O.W.)

A new workout will be posted in the HealthPlex every Monday morning. The program will be designed to challenge you each week by adding variety to your workout, such as core and balance training, cardio intervals, and resistance training. HealthPlex staff will be there to assist you with the workouts as needed.

*Workouts will be displayed in the HealthPlex, and a workout card will be given upon request*