Jockuela Ballard-Ross

Cheering for Fosters

Jockuela Ballard-Ross has a lot to cheer about. Removed from her mother’s care at age 10, her grandmother became her foster parent. Active in cheerleadering with the San Francisco Brown Bombers, a Pop Warner non-profit organization serving area youth, Jockuela’s cheerleading coach and her husband provided a home for her six years later, after her grandmother suffered a stroke.

Asking what they could do to help her, Jockuela immediately answered, “Help me go to college.”

Now a student and cheerleader at JCSU, Jockuela soon realized that she shared a common story with many students on campus: a foster care story.

“I used to think that I was the only one. Now I know there are thousands out there just like me.”

Encouraged by the supportive network of the Phasing Up program, Jockuela is excited about her future. And most excited for the opportunity to cheer on other foster youth and encourage them to embrace their uniqueness, their common bonds and the possibilities now available to them.