A Community-Driven Program

While an increasing number of universities around the country have established programs to support the needs of nontraditional students, very few are actively working with local child welfare agencies and community organizations to construct an integrated model of support for students in all stages of the foster care system. Very few are like the Phasing Up to New Possibilities program.

Goals of the Program

Unlike other university foster care initiatives, the JCSU program offers a holistic strategy that addresses the needs of the students during high school, college years at JCSU, and after graduation.

The comprehensive program enlists the support of state and community-based partner organizations with a focus on funding, easing the transition from foster care to independent living, providing a supportive surrogate family for success during college and propelling young minds of students so they may lead successful, productive lives in their communities. Goals of the Phasing Up program include:

  • Providing a mentor program for youth phasing out of foster care
  • Increasing opportunities and options for independent living beyond the foster care system
  • Increasing completion rates of post-secondary education by this unique group
  • Increasing networking opportunities in the community
  • Influencing policies related to this population