Working with Charlotte

At JCSU, we are more than just scholars, researchers and students.

We are neighbors and citizens of the city of Charlotte. As such, our university has been involved in several initiatives to better the communities that surround our campus.

JCSU students volunteer in the community

Service to our communities

It is part of our vision for JCSU to become a key partner with the city of Charlotte.

Like Charlotte, JCSU has seen significant growth beyond its borders. The opening of the JCSU Arts Factory in the Historic West End has brought a new venue for the arts to the area.

The Historic West End - comprised of the 12 neighborhoods that surround JCSU along the Beatties Ford Road Corridor - has begun a tremendous revitalization with the help of our university.

Service learning for our students

At JCSU, we believe that service learning helps our students grow as citizens of the world.

Learn more about what you as a student can do to get involved in Charlotte and the surrounding communities.