Report a Crime (Silent Witness)

Confidential, sensitive or data which is personally identifiable should never be collected or stored on publically available websites. Although unlikely, information transmitted through this form can be intercepted by a third party, so please use caution.

Silent Witness Program

If you witnessed a crime or have information about a crime that occurred on campus and would like to report it anonymously, please complete the information below. 

Provide as much specific information as possible. Detectives will review the Silent Witness reports each morning, Monday through Friday, and use it to solve on-going investigations and assist the department in the formulation of pro-active safety and security programming.


NOTE: The Silent Witness web page is not intended for emergency use. If you would like to report a police, fire or medical emergency, or a suspicious person or circumstance that is occurring right now, dial 911.  

If you wish to file an official police report, please contact the JCSU Police at 704.378.1003.  

If you live off campus, please dial your local police agency for non-emergency service.

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Enter the location or address where this crime occurred.
Please provide the specific location, including the street address, residence hall or building name, room or apartment number, parking lot number, etc.

  • Provide us with as detailed a description as possible, including their name and address, if possible. If the suspect's name is unknown, give a description of the subject.
  • Don't forget to include sex, race, and approximate age.
  • Do they have a street name?
  • What about distinguishing features such as visible marks, scars, tattoos, piercings, facial hair, hair style, glasses, etc.?


Witness information (please provide any information on people we should contact.

This would include their name, address, phone number, place of employment, etc.)