Johnson C. Smith University Continues Its Ban on Concealed Handguns and Other Dangerous Weapons

For many years, Johnson C. Smith University policy has prohibited concealed handguns and other dangerous weapons on campus. On October 1, 2013, new legislation that amends North Carolina firearms laws on private and public college and university campuses (N.C. Sess. Law 2013-369, HB 937) will take effect. However, the University has elected to “opt out” of the provisions in the North Carolina statutes which would allow individuals with a valid concealed weapon permit to possess a weapon in their dwelling or on University property.

This means that concealed handguns and other dangerous weapons will continue to be prohibited on University property and at sporting events sponsored by the University. The prohibition applies to individuals with permits (and those who are exempt from obtaining such permits) to possess handguns in closed compartments or containers within their locked vehicles or in locked containers attached to the vehicle while the vehicle is on University property. Only certified and sworn law enforcement officers engaged in the performance of their duties, are permitted to possess or carry a firearm on University property.

The University’s policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, visitors and the general public in all parking lots, buildings, property and roadways on the campus, as well as University owned property adjacent to or near the campus. Employees who reside in a detached, single family dwelling in which only the employee and the employee’s immediate family reside are also prohibited from possessing a handgun on campus in his/her residence or vehicle.

The information on this page is maintained by the Campus Police Department. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1003.