The first thing we ask our customers and constituents to remember is that this is not "our" site, and it is not "their" site. This is the University’s website. It does not belong to any one entity in the institution.

This is why Web Services has set guidelines for how content looks and behaves on the site.

JCSU utilizes a content management system to control the look and feel of our site’s pages and navigation.

Web Services is more than happy to help you create pages for the website or to create a section to house information, but that section will be placed in a template and contain a consistent look and feel. Individual units are not allowed to design their own "site."

Occasionally, if the director of Communications and Marketing feels a section has significant importance to the University, Web Services may alter an existing template or create a new template in order to accommodate content. This, however, is the rare exception and not the rule.

Information appearing on JCSU’s homepage will be managed through the director of Communications and Marketing with guidance from the President's Office.

Web Services may provide recommendations on best practices and trends. However, the unit executes and follows the decisions according to protocol.

All information on the site should be written in an easy-to-read voice that is accessible to all in Associated Press style modified with JCSU’s own stylebook.

Since our main goal is to communicate information effectively, Web Services will often need to edit information into smaller paragraphs than you might normally use. We also strive to remove jargon and technical language that our audience may not understand.

Our goal is to communicate with our audiences by reducing barriers to understanding wherever possible and by providing information that can be easily skimmed and understood.

Using IGOR

All employees are charged with maintaining their own information in the online directory and the only photo that will be shown will be the official photo taken by University Communications and Marketing.

All current employees should have access to IGOR ( when on the campus network. Log into IGOR with your JCSU username and password and click on the link that says “Public Forms.” Scroll down to “Unit: Web Services” and click on your name to change your directory information.

Once your changes have been made, they are sent to a member of University Communications and Marketing for approval and set to publish. Information from IGOR is sent to the live website once a week, so it may be several days before the changes you make are visable on the website.

Using R25

Events will only appear on the website through R25, the University's event management tool.

Make sure that you have provided all of the information in R25, including a coherent and complete description of the event, since that will be the information that will be pulled to the University’s website in order to create the event on the site.

Events that do not have a full description will not be selected to be pulled to the main website.