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Starting a Social Media Account for Your Division / Department

Facebook is a powerful social network that allows you to create a two-way dialogue and interactive community with and for your intended audience. You can use Facebook Pages and Groups to communicate directly with your audience and receive constant feedback on how effective your messages are.

Once considered merely conversations between “Friends,” status updates and Tweets are now accepted as mainstream newsfeeds. Social networking applications offer corporate and institutional organizations alike new opportunities to engage target audiences, including prospective and current students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, donors, media, opinion leaders, and others.

Value of Social Media

The value of social media for brands like JCSU includes:

  • Connect with employees, students, parents, alumni, and other target audiences
  • Share pictures
  • Tell a story
  • Distribute news and research findings
  • Learn information
  • Establish a feedback loop with target audiences
  • Promote events

But one of the characteristics that makes social networking so attractive – that it is inherently public – also makes it precarious. Social media are all these things and more:

  • Unpredictable
  • Immediate
  • Permanent
  • Informal
  • Public
  • Legitimate
  • Liable

Because online conversations and posts are never private – no matter how stringent your privacy settings or how small your circle of friends and followers – JCSU offers Social Media Guidelines to help you navigate the ever-changing waters of social networks.

Getting Started

Before setting up a new page for your department, you and your unit should develop a social media strategy that answers the following questions:

  • What do we want this page to do?
  • Who will it reach, and why?
  • How does it fit into our unit’s communications plan and/or my professional duties at JCSU?
  • How and by whom will the page be maintained and monitored?
  • Does it adhere to the JCSU Social Media Guidelines?

We also ask that you download a complete the JCSU Social Media Agreement. This agreement serves as a reminder that you and your department are responsible for maintaining and monitoring your social media networks.

Please return the completed and signed agreement to

Helpful Resources

The links below will help you get your department's social media accounts up and running:

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

How to Sign Up on Twitter

Additional questions may be emailed to