University-Wide Research

Johnson C. Smith University research engages and empowers students, faculty, and the surrounding communities solving problems for a better world.

Exploratory Student-Level Research

JCSU students are involved in a wide variety of research projects.

  • Exploring disaster warning systems.
  • Researching robotics for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Travelling abroad for research and independent study. Past trips have included study in Israel, Egypt, the Caribbean and West Africa.

Find additional examples of undergrad research projects here.

Unlimited Opportunities

JCSU students work with expert faculty who offer the opportunity to co-author papers published in scholarly journals and present research findings at professional conferences.

And that’s what makes JCSU’s research experiences powerful and unique.  Research provides advantages and benefits for JCSU students in graduate study and leadership in the workplace of tomorrow.

The competitive edge you gain here, allows you to be first in line for scholarships, fellowships, and internships at the graduate level.

In other words, you might discover something that changes the world. Then again, what you learn about yourself might be the most important discovery of all.