Surveying the Northwest Corridor

Leadership Audit Survey

Please join us in completing our Leadership Audit Survey.

For more information, please contact Dr. Bryan Patterson @ or contact Ms. Vesterine White at (704) 378-3559. 

This survey will help us gather information so we may work in the following three areas:


  • Assessing what residents “seek” in their leadership of elected officials by conducting focus groups, interviews, and leadership survey.
  • Hosting a leadership audit and candidate seminar.


  • Developing a community driven job description for candidates to determine the job “fit” for them. 
  • Sharing research about the Northwest Corridor (Soul of the Northwest Corridor Study, Socioeconomic History, etc)


  • Developing a public forum activity where candidates  participate in open dialogue about community issues and their platforms.
  • Creating a clear set of performance measurements for candidates assist in reaching desired community goals.

Giving Voice Indaba Leadership audit flyer [pdf] Survey