About I Matter

“I Matter” is located in Smith Hall, Suite 102. Our Fall 2014 hours are M-Th 10- 5 p.m. & Fridays 1-5 p.m.

For consultation or crisis intervention services regarding, relationship abuse, sexual assault, stalking and harassment please call: “I Matter” 704.378.3550 or 704.375.9900 (24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline)/704.332.2513 (24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline).

Most JCSU students are not involved in a violent relationship, sexually assaulted or stalked and do not perpetrate dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.  However, dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking does happen at JCSU and other college universities. 

I Matter will provide you with information on sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking.  If you want to talk to someone in person, I Matter welcomes and encourages your call well how to get help if you have experienced these issues and how to give support to a friend or colleague.

Our phone number is (704) 378-3550. If you need help or support after 5 pm during the week, or on the weekend, please call I Matter's 24-hour hotline at (704) 287-3190.


Statistics show that: 

  • 32% (494) of students report dating violence by a previous partner, and 21% (324) report violence by a current partner (The National Center for Victims of Crimes, 2012).
  • An estimated 5% (46) of college women experience a completed or attempted rape in a given year (The National Center for Victims of Crimes, 2012).

Numbers in bold represent the number of students at JCSU that could be impacted, according to studies, while matriculating through Smith!

Ambassador for Change

Attention students: Do you want to help end violence on campus?

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