Our Vision

Since arriving at JCSU, Dr. Carter has put JCSU on an aggressive path to transform the university and the surrounding community.

He has outlined six strategic priorities for the university to meet this monumental goal:

Academic Excellence

In the fall of 2010, JCSU admitted its strongest freshman class ever, in terms of academics.

We are continuing to raise our academic standards each year to attract highly motivated students with great potential.

Operational Performance

We are always looking for ways to operate  more efficiently and effectively.

With comprehensive management systems put into place, we're able to streamline our operations in all administrative divisions.

Advising Research Mastery

JCSU attracts, hires and maintains a diverse faculty of teacher-advisors, teacher-scholars and applied researchers

Four Centers of Excellence drive the research efforts at JCSU:

  • The Center of Excellence in Diversity, Workforce and Small Business Development
  • The Center of Excellence in Global Education
  • The Center of Excellence in Homeland Security-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • The Center of Excellence in Minority Health, Lifestyle, Culture and Wellness


While JCSU maintains a strong connection to its roots as an HBCU, we also realize the value of attracting a diverse student body.

We are bringing a new focus to the university to attract students of different countries, races, ages and ideologies so that our campus mirrors the diverse global community.

Distinctive Student Experience

We are constantly making upgrades to the JCSU campus, especially in student facilities like classrooms and dorms.

Recent improvements include:

  • our newly renovated student center
  • the addition of Kokomo's coffee shop
  • the JCSU Arts Factory, our brand-new visual and performing arts facility, which features a black box theater for student performances

Community Engagement

Since the arrival of Dr. Carter to JCSU, our university has engaged the city of Charlotte and local developers in efforts of revitalizing the Beatties Ford Road Corridor.

Our university personnel at all levels are now engaged on the boards of Charlotte organizations and play an active role in the growth of Charlotte and JCSU's presence in its communities.