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Students move from anticipation to excitement as they become the first tenants in Mosaic Village

Student-tenants are excited to see their brand new apartments as they move in Mosaic Village.
Charlotte, N.C. (October 4, 2012) -- Within an hour after the ribbon cutting at Mosaic Village, a parade of students started to enter the parking deck, pop open their trunks and carry armloads of supplies into their two-, four- and five-bedroom apartments. For many students, the day symbolized another step toward independence.

“Today is a new beginning,” said Aisha Barnard, a junior from Michigan who is eager to experience apartment living for the first time. Her friend, Jasmine Neblett, a junior from Maryland, looked forward to having her own room and sharing a bathroom with only one other person.

Quintin Jernigan, a junior from Greenville, N.C., also looked forward to his first experience living on his own.  “It’s also convenient,” he said. “It’s close to the store and to the campus, plus we can ride the trolley.” As he moved into his four-bedroom suite, he noted that living with friends is another benefit.  “I know the people I’m with, so it’s cool,” he said.

A student-tenant unpacks to settle into his new apartment at Mosaic Village.
As a senior, Amber Quattlebaum of Batesburg, S.C., sees her move to Mosaic Village as part of the transition from campus life to independent living.  She first lived in Myers Hall, then New Residence Hall and now she has an apartment. She’s also proud to be among the first tenants to move into Mosaic Village. “I feel like this is historical to be one of many in the first group of students,” she said.

Having a fully equipped kitchen is a plus for Shanae Bowman, a senior from Naples, Fla., whose meal plan doesn’t cover weekends. She plans to do some cooking this year. “It means a lot to live here,” she added, noting it’s the best of both worlds. “I’ve been able to live off campus in an apartment, and then I moved back to campus last year. It feels freer to be here while still being near campus.”

Students socialize and shoot the first-ever game of pool at the new Mosaic Village residential and retail facility on West Trade Street.
As he helped his classmates carry their belongings, senior Myron Gattison of Darlington, S.C., said he wished he had been able to move in also. As a commuting student from the University area, he spends an average of 45 minutes to an hour getting to campus every day.

By 4:30 p.m. on opening day, nearly half of the 179 students who had signed leases had settled in. “It’s cool. I like the structure, the furniture and the bigger bed,” said Kalessa Grigsby, a junior from Los Angeles.

“I don’t have to use as much gas anymore,” said Kianna Culver, a senior from Durham, N.C., who was commuting to campus from across Charlotte. “I feel we’re getting something that’s worth our money. We’re very glad to be here.”

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