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Help JCSU Retool Our School

Charlotte, N.C. (February 29, 2012) -- Johnson C. Smith University has big plans for changes around campus, and with the help of students, parents, alumni and friends of the university, campus  improvements can happen even faster.

That’s because JCSU is competing in the Home Depot Retool Your School program. The HBCU Campus Improvement Program allows 66 HBCUs from around the country to compete for one of 13 grants to make a variety of improvements around their campus.

The program is broken down into three categories:

  • Tier I - $50,000
  • Tier II - $10,000
  • Campus Pride Grant - $25,000

Voting ends Tuesday, April 10. Anyone can vote once a day, every day, until online voting ends. Click here to vote for JCSU.

The Goal: $50,000 for International Way and Wellness Plaza

JCSU is striving to win the top grant amount of $50,000. With the funds, JCSU will build International Way and Wellness Plaza.

Designed to draw attention to the university’s emphasis on global education and diversity programs, International Way will transform the area of campus known as “The Block.” International Way will bring improved walkways and aesthetics to campus, including flags representing the diverse homelands of our students and colorful plants and flowers.

The proposed Wellness Plaza will be located between the Lionel H. Newsom Humanities Building and the university’s Wellness Center. Not only will the anticipated site be used to support JCSU events, it will also prominently feature a water fountain with native plants and seasonal flowers.

Improving Sidewalk Traffic

If awarded the $10,000 grant from Home Depot, JCSU has plans to improve pedestrian traffic along its various sidewalks leading from the Student Union to the Metropolitan College.  Not only will enhanced sidewalks improve foot traffic to classroom buildings, they will also reduce the impact to the grass areas of campus.

Campus Pride

Pride for and beautification of the university campus has always been a top priority for JCSU administration. If awarded the Campus Pride grant, the university will enhance the campus identity with a series of banners and purchase additional litter receptacles with recycling features to strengthen JCSU’s commitment to a sustainable campus environment.

Vote Once a Day, Every Day

Creating a clean and welcoming campus environment is a top priority at JCSU. By voting once a day, every day on Home Depot’s Retool Your School site, you can help the university achieve its goals for current and future students even faster.

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