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Green and clean makes for happy students and staff

Charlotte, N.C. (March 26, 2014) – A lean, green, cleaning machine is making life easier for JCSU’s cleaning crew and restrooms more inviting for students. In Greenfield Hall, the Hillyard Cleaning Companion has replaced the traditional cleaning method to save costs and make the job easier for workers.

The green aspect of the new system applies to the cleaning products used to disinfect, kill germs and mold while adding shine. Like all cleaning chemicals used on campus, they are environmentally friendly. WFF Facility Services uses Green CleanSM, a cleaning program that is designed to enhance the health and indoor air quality of its buildings for the benefit of faculty, staff, students and the environment.

Richie Colon, director of custodial services for WFF Facility Services which is contracted by JCSU to provide custodial services, demonstrated the new equipment in Greenfield Hall’s shower stalls with crew members Laquisha Smith and Janice Wallace. The machine is on wheels and resembles a mini power washer. “I am really happy about this machine,” said Colon. “It is safe for my employees, and students say it smells better.”

Because the machine is hands-free, it prevents workers from bending and scrubbing, saving time and labor. “I love the machine…it’s time saving,” said Smith, who claims a job that once took an hour now takes 30 minutes. Given that Greenfield has 30 showers and seven bathrooms, the time savings is significant. “This will save a lot of bending,” added Wallace, who admits that cleaning showers is the hardest part of her job.

What do students think? DeShawn Dozier, a sophomore who serves as a resident assistant, has noticed fewer complaints since the new system went into place. “Our bathrooms definitely smell better and look cleaner,” he said. Dozier has also become a fan of the lean, green machine.

To see a video of the machine, click here.

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