Rev. S. C. Alexander

Rev S. C. AlexanderReverend Samuel Carruthers Alexander was born in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Jefferson College in 1858 and Columbia Theological Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina in 1861 with an A. B. degree. Reverend Alexander was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Charleston, South Carolina in 1860, and ordained by the Presbytery of Concord, North Carolina in 1861.

During his ministry, Reverend S. C. Alexander became acquainted with the Negroes of his church and invited them to worship in his house. Reverend Alexander received a commission from the Northern Presbyterian Church to establish a parochial school to educate former slaves. Gradually the school expanded into the Henry J. Biddle Memorial Institute, a collegiate and theological school for the education of Negro preachers and teachers.

Photo courtesy of the JCSU archives