JCSU featured on WUNC radio during DNC

Dr. Carter, Malcom Graham and two JCSU students spoke to Frank Stasio on Build awareness, engage students and realize that youth approach this election year from a personal level. These are just a few of the observations shared about the youth vote during the public radio show “The State of Things,” which aired on WUNC radio and other public radio stations across North Carolina on Sept. 5.

The live 40-minute interview with Dr. Ronald L. Carter, Malcom Graham and two JCSU students with host Frank Stasio covered how Tuesday’s UFuture event at JCSU with the Congressional Black Caucus Institute empowered students to get involved in the electoral process. Broadcast from the WFAE studio headquarters at Spirit Square in Charlotte, the participants shared their views on politics and whether young people will turn out to support President Obama again. Asked what questions were on her mind during UFuture, senior student Lauren Simmons wanted to know whether President Obama would be able to fix the student loan crisis. She said education will weigh heavily on the youth during this election year, and it’s one way President Obama will be able to reach many of the college students.

Carter recapped actor and UFuture host Hill Harper’s quote on Tuesday when he described the 2008 elections as historic but personal in 2012. “Students will approach the election from a personal point of view and the issue of the Pell Grant will hit home for many young men and women,” Carter said. 

Other issues and topics raised during UFuture Carter said spanned from finance and technology to innovation, but students really wanted to know what was going to happen to their lives in terms of the educational process and whether they will they be able to afford college.

North Carolina Public Radio WUNC is broadcast at 91.5 FM in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area as well as on 88.9 FM Manteo and 90.9 FM in Rocky Mount. The station also streams online. 

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