The Irwin Belk Stadium Complex is accessible for people with disabilities or wheelchairs, and JCSU staff will provide cross-campus shuttles to help those with difficulty walking to get from one location to the other.  Alternative accommodations are available for family members and friends who may be disabled, hearing impaired or limited from sitting outdoors due to illness or age to watch the Commencement. 

  • A reserved area in the stadium is designated exclusively for those with disabilities. Upon entry to the Irwin Belk Complex, persons who use wheelchairs and one buddy will be directed to that reserved area. For parties larger than two, each guest must have a ticket for entry. If there are others in your party, they will need to sit in the stands.

Viewing locations

The main viewing area will be in Brayboy Gymnasium.

Other locations include: 

  • Irwin Belk Complex Room 146
  • Science Center Auditorium
  • Biddle Hall – Auditorium

Hearing Impaired

Sign Language will be offered to guests who are hearing impaired and require interpretation.