Crime Prevention

The Campus Police Department continuously interacts with the University community. Security and crime prevention programs are presented at orientation and in residence halls. Throughout the campus, safety and security measures are available to the entire University community through brochures, newsletters, and the University newspaper. Should a serious crime condition occur that might be a threat to others, a report will be immediately disseminated to help prevent a similar occurrence.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to immediately report all emergencies, criminal activity and suspicious people to the Office of Campus Police/Security. To report a crime or emergency situation call (704) 378-1003 or x1004. There are a number of well-marked exterior call box phones located throughout the campus. The orange colored boxes easily identify these emergency telephones and a blue light mounted directly above the box. To operate, simply push the button and release. That will transmit (via radio waves) to all department personnel the location from which the call was placed. An officer will respond, "This is the Campus Police. May I help you?" The person simply presses and holds the button to speak to the officer and releases to listen.

The Office of Campus Police/Security sponsors programs and works with other departments throughout the academic year on topics related to crime and safety awareness for the entire campus community.