Graduate Stories

We wish we could share the stories of all of the scholars who graduate from JCSU.

Here's just a few of the Great Stories from our students. 

Reatna Taylor - Valedictorian

Valedictorian Reatna Taylor is the kind of young woman who sets goals, works hard and achieves them. In addition to maintaining a 4.0 GPA, the graduate received numerous awards and honors during her time at Johnson C. Smith University. But perhaps her biggest accomplishment here was discovering the value of human connection. 

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Eliu Iraheta - Salutatorian

This will be the second time around in honor cords for JCSU’s 2015 salutatorian Eliu Iraheta. Iraheta was salutatorian at his high school graduation as well. 

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Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander attended Ardrey Kell High School in south Charlotte, playing on the football and basketball teams. Initially the athlete and STEM major, who had always attended majority institutions, struggled with feeling uncomfortable in an HBCU setting, but now he credits the diversity, mentorship and culture of community at his alma mater with his success. 

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker of Sacramento, Calif., will be attending American University to study strategic communications, new media, web content and online interaction. She’s a communications arts major who counts Soledad O’Brien and Melissa Harris Perry as her media idols. 

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Alliecia Butler

Alliecia Butler’s family always taught her to place a high value on culture and history. Her grandmother was president of the Saginaw, Mich., chapter of the NAACP and gifted Butler and her four siblings with lifetime memberships in the organization when they were young. As a teen, Butler won national recognition in ACT-SO, an academic Olympics for African-American youth.

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Nora Bittle

Nora Bittle graduates from Metropolitan College with a bachelor’s degree in social work, and will continue her education at JCSU in the fall, pursuing a Master’s of Social Work with a specialty in gerontology. She loves helping people, and her special talent is throwing tea parties. 

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Charlene Montas

Charlene Montas has been accepted into Nordstrom’s retail management program, and plans to parlay her love of fashion and knowledge of public relations into a career as a personal publicist to the stars. 

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Sergio Montesdeoca

Sergio Montesdeoca hails from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and will be working at Duke Energy starting June 1 as an information technology associate. Montesdeoca will be the first person in his family to complete a degree; both parents attended college back in Ecuador but did not finish. 

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Brencis Stanford

Brencis Stanford’s selection of Johnson C. Smith University came as naturally as his golf swing. The information systems major said the strong computer science department coupled with the lure of playing JCSU golf was too potent of a combination for him to resist. 

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