Partner Schools (CAEC)

Consortium Registration

Johnson C. Smith University is a member of a consortium of Charlotte-area schools, the Charlotte Area Educational Consortium (CAEC). This partnership that allows our students to enroll in classes at other member institutions without additional tuition and fees.

Students may register in classes at CAEC schools that are not available at JCSU. CAEC offers registration during the fall and spring.

How to Enroll

Students who want to participate in this program need to fill out a CAEC registration form, which they can get from the Office of the Registrar, and a Transfer Credit Form [.pdf].

Students must also get the approval of their advisor, the Council of Deans and the registrar. Once permission has been obtained and the forms have been filled out, the student must get in contact with the host institution to register for the class he/she wants to take. The student is also responsible for ensuring that an official transcript is sent to the registrar's office at the end of the semester.