Academic Requirements

Admission to Johnson C. Smith University is becoming increasingly competitive. We take a number of factors into consideration when we select our candidates for our freshman class. We’re searching for scholars with the potential to be successful, and we look at each applicant individually.

Successful applicants have shown a solid academic foundation by studying the following in high school:

  • Four English courses
  • Three math courses
  • Two social science courses
  • Two natural science courses (one must include a lab)
  • Two foreign language courses

We also take competitive test scores and grade point averages (GPA) into account when making admissions decisions. The median test scores for students in the class of 2014 were 860 for the SAT I (critical reading and math only) and 18 on the ACT. The median GPA was 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Applicants are encouraged to submit:

  • Two letters of recommendations
  • Personal statement explaining how JCSU can help them achieve their goals

We also automatically review all applicants for academic merit scholarships, so there is no separate application for scholarships. Academic scholarships are awarded to those applicants who have already shown they are academic leaders who have the potential to continue that scholastic success at JCSU.

Students who have successfully taken an Advanced Placement (AP) examination (scoring a three or above) will be awarded college credit. The Council of Deans and the department chair will award up to 15 credit hours according to university and College Board regulations.