About Our Students

Our talented students have a passion for learning. JCSU students are curious and want more than information – they want to know the why, the how and what comes next.

What is a typical JCSU student like?

JCSU students are diverse and proactive. They get involved in activities and discussions that matter to them and set them up for success. Our students chose to join the JCSU family because they knew the education and support they get here would prepare them to be competitive, vibrant participants in the global community.

  • 84% of our freshmen frequently work harder than they thought they could to meet faculty expectations.
  • 68% of our freshmen frequently discuss readings or ideas from coursework outside class.

Will I fit in here?

Family – it’s the first word you’ll hear from students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Don’t be surprised if a professor stops to talk to you while you walk across campus. Expect our admissions counselors to actually remember your name. Whether it’s Homecoming or a casual conversation outside class, you know you’re a part of something bigger than yourself when you become part of the JCSU family.

  • 77% of our freshmen feel that JCSU has a commitment to their academic success.
  • 51% of our freshmen report that their peers are friendly, supportive and help them feel as if they belong.

At JCSU you'll find lifelong friends, mentors and professional connections. You and your fellow students are all here to succeed, and we’re here to make that happen.


While JCSU is grounded in its nearly 150-year history as an HBCU, we are evolving to meet the new challenges and higher education needs of students in the 21st century.

JCSU already has distinguished faculty from around the globe. We foresee a future campus family that includes that same level of diversity in our student population. And we’re already on our way.

  • 57% of freshmen say they frequently have serious conversations with students who have different religious, political or personal beliefs.