Who You’ll Work With

Our dedicated faculty members care about your success. We’ll prepare you for a future career or continued education with the knowledge, skills and community connections to help you achieve your goals.

Respected experts in their field

As a student in our visual and performing arts program, you’ll be trained by the best in the industry.

  • Our department chair is a frequent contributor to the arts community. Not only is she the CEO and artistic director of The Wanda Project, her choreography has also been performed at festivals in South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia and Alabama.
  • One of our professors is an award-winning actress. She regularly produces dramas that bring awareness to social change regarding AIDS/HIV and domestic abuse.

Faculty Members

Cynthia Cole

Instructor - Visual, Performing, and Communcation Arts Department

Hasaan Kirkland

Associate Professor of Fine Art

Cindy Kistenberg

Associate Professor of Theatre and Communication/CAL Advisor

Wanda Ebright

Associate Professor of Dance, Chair of the Dept. of Visual, Performing, & Communication Arts

Sitara Sadler

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts