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Dr. Mario Bahena is an Assistant Professor of Spanish. He holds a Ph.D. in Mexican Literature from Indiana University Bloomington with a minor in Philosophy; a Master of Arts in Hispanic Literature from Loyola University Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Literature with a minor in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago. As a former Catholic seminarian, Dr. Bahena studied for two years at Saint Joseph College Seminary of the Archdiocese of Chicago, which is part of Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Bahena is a native of Mexico and speaks Spanish as well as English very fluently.

Dr. Bahenas scholarship focuses mainly on 20th Century Mexican Literature. His research focuses in the intricate elements between nation-building and memory in post-revolutionary literature in Mexico. He sees these novels as a narration of a highly fragmented community that is in the process of generating meaning and forging national unity in the wake of its most traumatic historical rupture. By studying the traumatic literary remnants in the context of national re-imagination, Dr. Bahenas research brings a new light into the traditional understanding of historical novels in post-revolutionary Mexico where nationalism has overshadowed other forms of understanding, remembering and generating knowledge about the historical revolution.

Dr. Bahena has worked extensively with Study Abroad Programs. For five consecutive summers (2004-2008), he directed a Study Abroad Program for High School Students in San Luis Potosi, Mexico as part of the IU Honors Program for High School Students. During the program, he also taught Spanish Grammar, Spanish Literature, Spanish Phonetics and theater. Before that, he helped Loyola University Chicagos students studying in the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain during the summer of 2002

Dr. Bahena is the Director of the Language Program at Johnson C Smith University, which has Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Latin. He has updated the textbook for elementary Spanish and adopted a standard textbook for Spanish Conversation classes. He is currently teaching a Special Topics Class in which he explores one of his area of interests (Latino Literature), helping the students to be exposed to classes not currently available in the curriculum.

Dr. Bahena has taught an array of courses in Spanish and in English. His has 10 years of teaching college level courses in private as well as public universities with a wide range of age groupshigh school students, college students as well as young urban professionals. This unique experience has helped him to become sensitive not only to the needs of every student as an individual but also to the strengths and limitations of different teaching methodologies. His experience teaching in large and small universities, in small towns and urban contexts as well as study-aboard programs, has prepared him to adapt to any type of college environment, students necessities and overall challenges facing in a college environment as well as in the classroom.

He will be happy to be your professor for either elementary or intermediate Spanish, upper level Spanish classes or classes of literature in translation.

Dr. Bahena currently lives in Charlotte, NC and is an avid salsa dancer and usually goes out dancing about two to three times a week.

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