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Prior to her position at JCSU, Dr. Lee was a teaching assistant and an instructor at the University of Maryland College Park while pursuing her doctoral studies, where she received the Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award. With her area of concentration in Political Theory, she studies the relationship between the American civil society and existing particular communities, ultimately raising questions of what constitutes a healthy society in American democracy. She is particularly interested in ethnic and immigrant communities, and how they may or may not contribute to a flourishing civil society in an increasingly diverse place. Her doctoral dissertation was a case study of second generation Korean Americans, raising normative questions concerning community, hierarchy, solidarity, and exclusivity.

At JCSU she teaches Political Theory courses, as well as intro-level courses designed for majors and non-majors. She is also the instructor for the Political Science Internship course, for which she establishes and maintains relationships with local political institutions, preparing Political Science majors for the professional world.

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