Who You’ll Work With

At JCSU, our dedicated faculty members involve you in all aspects of health and wellness. When you graduate, you’ll be an effective health educator in the classroom and in your community.

Experts in their fields, our faculty members know each student by name and take the time to engage them with personalized attention and advising outside the classroom.

Published experts in their field

Faculty members in our department are constantly writing ground-breaking papers and presenting their work at conferences. As a major in our program, you’ll have various opportunities to participate in their research and contribute to their work.

Our department also boasts the author of a children’s book, titled Blossom Bee’s Golf Adventures. She is also the co-author of the personal wellness book I Don’t Mean to Smash Your Tomatoes, Honey.

Cutting-Edge Faculty Research

Our professors’ research in their industry contributes to today’s important topics in health and wellness. They have written and received grants that not only educate students, but significantly impact the JCSU and Charlotte community.

  • One grant provided funds to teach a course on HIV/AIDS. Students were taught the history and spread of HIV, as well as the stages and personal behaviors related to the disease.
  • Another grant has been received to study the effect on yoga practice on stress, hoping to extend the study to female inmates in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg prisons.

Faculty Members

Currently, no faculty members are listed for the health education program.

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