Why Study at JCSU?

Ever wished you could be playing video games instead of sitting through another lecture? At JCSU, you can.

Our programming classes give students like you the opportunity to design their own games and software. Several of our majors have even participated in the U.S. Microsoft Imagine Cup game and software design competitions. They competed with students from around the country to create the ultimate gaming experience and the next must-have software application.

If you have a passion to design and build anything from gaming software and robots, to cyber and electronic security programs, we can help you turn it into a promising career.

We prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine has ranked JCSU in the top 1% of all universities in the country as a leading producer of African-American undergrads majoring in computer and information systems.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that at that at JCSU, we give you the support system you need to excel in your courses and in your future career. We won’t throw you into your major classes and expect you to sink or swim on your own.

All students in our program will have a dedicated advisor who will help them:

  • Plan their course of study
  • Choose the right classes
  • Help them get the support they need if they fall behind in class

Research opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Where else can you spend your summer building robots?

As a student in our Department of Computer Science and Engineering, our students have the opportunity to build and develop a variety of robotic projects and systems used to meet the requirements of real-world situations.

Some of the robots our students have developed include:

  • LEGO education robots used in the Strategies for Success Summer Project
  • Vex mobile robots built for senior projects
  • Adept Viper s-650 and the Adept s-600 robot used for senior projects

Our students are also able to get the best hands-on experience in the STEM fields through research with some impressive government agencies:

  • Nine of our students participated in summer research on campus sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • One of our students participated in a 10-week National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduate program at UNC-Charlotte.
  • Several students participated in the HBCU-Up National Research Conference by presenting their research on “Preposition of Emergency Supplies: A Strategy for Effective Disaster Response.”
  • Another JCSU student participated in the NASA Science & Technology Institute Summer Scholars Program.

Personalized attention gives you the tools to succeed.

JCSU has obtained a significant amount of funding from the National Science Foundation to help recruit, retain and graduate minorities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Through our grant-funded programs — HBCU-UP and OASIS — we have graduated more African-American students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) than the national average. These programs are available to all STEM majors, free of charge.


HBCU-UP promotes student achievement. With HBCU-Up, you’ll have access to:

  • Tutoring
  • Student research opportunities
  • Access to visiting scientists
  • Financial assistance for travel to professional meetings and conferences


Through our One-stop Academic Student Integrated System (OASIS), we work with you throughout your entire education to make sure you succeed in the classroom and are prepared for the workforce after graduation.

With the help of our “academic success coaches,” you’ll stay on track to graduate through free:

  • Tutoring with peer mentors
  • Help with time management
  • Course scheduling
  • Assistance to improve your study habits

Get involved in on-campus activities and organizations.

We offer our majors several organizations for socializing with professors and fellow students. These extracurricular activities also provide a great support system for minority students majoring in STEM.

Students in our department are involved in:

Why choose a liberal arts education?

College graduates with a liberal arts education are vital to our country’s progress.

According to an article from CNN.com, “Why liberal arts matter,” students who graduate from liberal arts universities have a distinct advantage. They will be able to look at any problem and find a creative solution, as well as new opportunities. Rather than a technical degree that focuses on one area, a liberal arts education combines the study of science and math with the arts and humanities.

At JCSU, we emphasize learning new technologies, in addition to different world views and cultures. We teach our students to ask “why?” and to look at any situation from a variety of angles.

Employees who think creatively and communicate well will always be in high demand. As a JCSU student, you’ll improve these skills with every course you take.

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