Mosaic Village Designed with Water Management in Mind

Natural Environment Energy and Climate Waste Prevention and Recycling Water Management

As part of the site design for Mosaic Village, a mixed-use residence hall and retail facility the University constructed near campus, water management was taken into consideration. For example, a 36-inch city storm drain was rerouted and updated to allow upstream storm water to maintain an unimpeded path for natural drainage. As part of this process, a natural buffer of varying tree sizes was provided to help mitigate erosion and provide a natural buffer to the neighboring residential properties. On-site filtration of the storm water also occurs, eliminating pollution and contaminants from the water before it enters the creek downstream. A small wetlands area was also studied and protected that meets the jurisdictional requirements.

Also, landscape design for Mosaic Village incorporate water-efficient native plant species to reduce potable water consumption for landscape irrigation.