Weight Management Program

Weight Management is a 12 week program that offers weight loss assistance. It is appropriate for all people of all weight ranges. This program will help you make changes in your eating practices, activity level, and other behaviors related to weight control. The program emphasizes lifestyle change, which means we are going to help you make healthy changes that you can actually sustain long after the completion of the program, helping you maintain a healthier weight for the rest of your life. Weight Management promotes a gradual yet significant and long-lasting weight loss. Weight Management it broken down into three stages:

Registration is from January 6th- 17th

Stage 1: Weight Loss Basics

Week 1: Weight Loss 101

Week 2: Nutrition Myth Busting

Week 3: Eat More, Weight Less

Week 4: Get Moving – The Basics of Physical Activity

Stage 2: Sharpening Your Weight Management Skills

Week 5: Overcoming an Overweight World

Week 6: Say Farewell to Dieting

Week 7: Exercising for a Healthier You

Week 8: Grocery Store Shopping Trip

Stage 3: Long-Term Weight Management

Week 9: Healthy Cooking Demonstration 

Week 10: Personalized Exercise Program

Week 11: Develop 14-Day Meal Plan

Week 12: Develop a 3 Month Personal Plan