Vitality Challenge

The Vitality Challenge and its weight-loss program was developed by Dr. Art Ulene, NBC’s “Today” show family doctor for 23 years and a leader of nationwide health campaigns since 1975. This campaign is intended to create a counter-epidemic of weight loss to address obesity.

The Vitality Challenge is supported by Johnson C. Smith University and Presbyterian Healthcare.

The campaign encourages participants to:

  • Choose specific weight-loss behaviors
  • Register and check the Vitality Challenge website daily,
  • Monitor progress weekly
  • Participate in community activities by posting comments or visiting a website chat room at least twice weekly

As a participant, you will:

  • Receive regular emails with motivating tips and information
  • Be asked to rate the behaviors you have used
  • Have the opportunity to trade in the behaviors that have been unsuccessful or hard to follow
  • Receive updates on progress with the pilot program

Follow these simple steps to register:

  • Go to  
  • Click the Sign Up Now!  
  • Follow the instructions until you get to the page that asks for a CODE  
  • On that page, enter the following code exactly as show here in the box provided: OGMM0001
  • Enter the code a second time in the second box provided for confirmation
  • Click "enter code"  
  • Explore the site and have fun!