Living Healthy Seminar Series

There never seems to be enough time during the day to get everything done. You don’t have spare time to go to trainings because there is so much work to be done, but you also can't neglect yourself.  Living Healthy Seminar Series is a way to get more into your busy as seminars a scheduled at different times of the day to accommodate anyone’s schedule. Living Healthy Seminar Series provides a variety of topics to are relevant to healthy you promote a positive sense of well-being.

Healthy Holiday Eat Cooking Demonstration

December 11th, 5:30pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Healthy Risk Associated with an Unhealthy Lifestyle

January 22nd, 6:30pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Breaking the Chains

January 29th, 6:00pm
Beatties Ford Library

Cooking for Diabetes Cooking Demonstration

February 5th, 3:00pm
Bethesda Clinic

Improving Your Physical Activity While Dealing with Chronic Pain

February 12th, 6:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Body Perception within Minority Populations

February 19th, 6:30pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Negative Effects of Dieting/ Say Farwell to Dieting

February 25that the HealthPlex 10:30am, 26th at the Beatties Ford Library 6:00pm and 27th at the Bethesda Clinic 6:00pm

Balancing Your Life

March 5th, 6:00pm
Bethesda Clinic

Breaking the Chains for YMCA TEENS

March 6th, 4:00pm
YMCA McCorrey

Build Your Own Garden- *Local Farmer*

March 12th, 4:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Stress Management

March 19th , 6:30pm
Beatties Ford Library

Alternative Eats: Cooking Demonstration

March 26th, 5:00pm
Bethesda Clinic

Creative Exercise Ideas Healthplex

April 2nd, 4:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Creating a Meal Plan for Your Busy Life/14 Day Meal Plan

April 8th at HealthPlex 10:30am and 10th at Bethesda Clinic 6:00pm

Hidden Calories in Alcohol

April 9th, 4:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Prioritizing Your Life: Including What Matters

April 16th, 6:30pm
Beatties Ford Library

A Healthier Family

April 23rd, 4:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Maintaining Motivation throughout the Year

April 30th, 4:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Lunch and Learn with Run for Your Life

May 7th, 1:00pm
JCSU HealthPlex

Maintaining Motivation throughout the Summer

May 22nd, 4:00pm
YMCA McCorrey