Staff and Faculty Team Members

The following JCSU staff and faculty have volunteered their time and expertise over the coming months to develop new solutions to improve student retention and graduation:

Dr. Cheryl Butler-Brayboy
Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Carol Davenport
Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Matthew DeForrest
Associate Professor of English

Dr. Adelheid Eubanks
Director, Center for Integrated Studies, Professor, Language and Literature

Dr. Linette Fox
Assistant Professor of Management

Dr. Martha Foye
Visiting Mathematics Instructor

Dr. Stephen Gilmore
Mathematics Instructor

Sherrill Hampton
Director for Applied Leadership and Community Development

Cathy Hurd
Dean of Enrollment Services

Heather Huskey
Program Manager of Blue Ocean Strategy

Dr. Brian Jones
Assistant Professor of History, History Degree Program Coordinator

Cathy Jones
Dean of Students

Dr. Janice Kennedy-Sloan
Director of HBCU-UP

Dr. Britt Kern
Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Cindy Kistenberg
Associate Professor of Theatre and Communication/CAL Advisor

Dr. Melissa Knosp
Instructor of Spanish

Monroe Miller
Johnson C. Smith University Trustee

Dr. Bryan Patterson
Visiting Assistant Professor of the Public Leadership Program

Dr. Elfred Anthony Pinkard
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Kelli Rainey
Director of Institutional Planning Assessment and Research

Monika Rhue
Director of Library Services

Dr. Yvette Russell
Marketing Instructor

Ron Stodghill
Smith Institute for Applied Research: Diversity, Workforce and Small Business Development

Dr. Marsha Walker
Assistant Professor of English

Barbara Wilks
Director Center for Career Development

Dr. Laurie Porter
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts

Dr. Debra Terrell
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Anita Bledsoe-Gardner
Assistant Professor of Criminology