Visual Strategy Fair

All trustees, full-time faculty and staff are encouraged to attend a special presentation by the Blue Ocean Strategy team on Wednesday, September 25 in Grimes Lounge from 2 p.m. –  5 p.m.  

Your JCSU colleagues who have been working on this initiative will present the results of their work during this special presentation. You will hear about eight distinctly different strategies designed to  achieve the high retention and graduation rates to which we aspire.

Because the Blue Ocean Strategy approach seeks to involve the intelligence of the community that will be developing and implementing the strategies, we need your feedback on how to strengthen these proposed strategies. You will be asked to vote on those you believe will have the best chance of raising retention and graduation at JCSU.  

If you feel you cannot attend the Visual Strategy Fair, please contact your Department Chair, Supervisor or Dean to see what can be changed to enable you to attend.

Help us to navigate through the challenges facing JCSU and chart a new course for the future!

What is the Blue Ocean Strategy?

In 2011, Johnson C. Smith University was chosen by the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities to participate in a unique “proof of concept” project that employs Blue Ocean Strategy principles to radically improve student retention and graduation rates at the University. Used in the for-profit sector for several years, Blue Ocean is an analogy for new, untapped market space where demand is created rather than fought over with competitors. It provides an analytical framework and the tools for examining a range of organizational challenges, including many that are found in the educational sector. 

How it Applies to JCSU

Over the past year and a half, faculty, staff and Blue Ocean Strategy practitioners have worked together to develop strategies to increase retention and graduation rates and create an unrivaled educational experience that produces successful graduates.

Next Steps

Following the September 25 meeting, results of the polling will be provided to the Board of Trustees, President Ronald L. Carter and the Administrative Council for consideration as they choose a shortlist of strategies, or even a combination of the strongest strategies, to test in the market and develop a thorough implementation plan. The shortlist will be announced to the JCSU community on Thursday, September 26 and your attendance to hear the reasons for, the choice of, and reasoning behind the shortlist of strategies is also vital. (How will these be announced?)

Your attendance and your input are vital to the ongoing improvement of JCSU. 

Please contact your Department Chair, Supervisor, Dean or the BOS program manager or team members for more information, or if you have any questions.